Residential Signpost Installation and Removal

Our Residential Signposts are made of 4×4 wood and stand just over 6 feet tall. They are freshly painted for each installation. The arm is 4 feet in total length and can accommodate all signage 32 inches in width or smaller. Each signpost also includes a metal top rider bracket that accommodates different sign widths and allows the agent to easily attach and remove riders on their own.

Residential Luxury 2-Legged Signpost Installation and Removal

Our 2-Legged Luxury Signpost will make your sign stand out from the rest. We have our standard sizes, but we also can customize a signpost for your liking and to fit your specific sign sizes.

Brochure Box

Brochure boxes are offered in white and black. They hold approximately 100 flyers that are 8.5X11 and include a slot for business cards. We place the boxes on the side of the post where we feel someone would be most likely approach the sign.

Smart Flyer

Smart Flyers are large 12×18 inch flyers that appear just like a regular flyer (or whatever your design entails) and are printed on outdoor PVC sign material.  Never reprint flyers again. Your flyer image will always be displayed on the signpost.

Stock Message Riders

We stock 15 different Message Riders that are available for rent on each listing. Each rider is 6×24 inches in size and can be placed in any position on the post or hanging from your sign. Each Stock Rider is offered in Black and Red Fonts. If you prefer to own your stock riders, you have the option of storing your stock riders with us and we will install them at no extra charge when ordered at time of installation or re-visit order.

Solar Lights

We offer solar lights.  Please choose the correct solar light option when placing your installation order.

Sign Storage

We offer free sign storage. Fastpost stores all signage for both Commercial and Residential agents at no charge. We take sign storage seriously. So serious that we have a 10,000+ SF facility in Livermore, CA where we store your signs. Each sign is tracked in our inventory system and can be easily found for each listing. We have a full-time employee that manages all sign inventory. We welcome any of our clients to visit our facility to view how signs are stored or check their inventory at any time.

Pickup Signs

We offer to pick up signs for free for all new clients or if an agent decides to have signs made somewhere else, we will pick up your signs at no cost. The intention of this service is to store your signs for future installations saving you valuable time. This service is not intended to pick up one sign for one listing installation. We usually require the pickup of 3 or more signs. Of course, if you need us to pick up one sign for a listing we can do that for a small fee.

Sign Manufacturing

Our signs are made of high-quality material and are built to last. As sign installers, we know firsthand what makes signs not last. Warping, scratching, holes ripping out and fading are just a few things we see every day. That does not happen with our signs. All our signs are digitally printed on 3 to 5-year vinyl and laminated on a high-quality Aluminum Composite Material. Then we add 4 grommets (2 top and 2 bottom). For a free sample, give us a call and we will drop off a sample of our sign to your office at no charge.

Window Decal for Office or Listing

Need your logo printed and applied to your window? Want to post your business hours and contact info? Whatever you need printed and applied to your store front or office window and door, we can do that for you. Our skilled installers are trained in signpost installation and window graphic application. We also apply vinyl to new commercial listings that are For Sale or For Lease.

Commercial Post Installation and Removal

We service many commercial real estate companies that specifically focus on commercial listings as well as offices that do commercial and residential. Our commercial installation team focuses on commercial only and are trained and experienced in many methods of installations. Every commercial order comes with a free site inspection which allows us to preview the property, make a list of necessary materials and communicate effectively with the agent or office. While our sign manufacturing department is preparing your signage, our installation team is doing a site preview. Within 3 to 5 business days, we can have your custom sign made and installed at your new listing. If we already have your signage in our inventory, commercial installations are completed within 2 to 3 days. Some examples of specialized installations that we have done are 3 Legged “V” style, raised up freeway, parapet roof top, attached to building, skids bracing on concrete, and many others.

Banner Installation and Removal

We have installed many banners. Banners are installed by our commercial team. Whether we attach it directly to a building or build a frame for your banner, we have the ability to professionally install your banner.


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